miércoles, 28 de julio de 2010

English II Final Project, S-211

Hi! My friends, this is my final English project, I hope that you like it and enjoy it as I did.

Well I want you know that this project helped me to learn more english, in an easy and interesting way, because i can use the estructure not only write as an oral form and also in a real situation.

PS: Teacher, thank you very much for teaching me and giving me the opportunity to learn more english.


hello my friends, now I will talk about the prices of clothing

*White t-shirt cost Two hundred

*The blue jeans cost Two hundred

*The black sneakers cost eight hundred

*The black jacket cost five hundred fifty

*The sunglasses cost four hundred

Jobs and ambitions

hi, friends. In this unit i'll tell you about jobs and ocupations

The doctor: Works in a hospital saving life and cure people or keeping healt

Actor: Works on tv. make movies, tv programs, etc. he show us many charapters

Singer: In feat, he or she sing song to enjoy people. he or she expressed feeling thouyht his or her songs

Engenier: Builds house or building, appartemensfor people to live

Painter: Is a person tot put a special viw by colors may be a house, building, etc.

Teacher: Teacher people of differents ages. He, she gives them knowledge, culture, experiences, etc.

domingo, 11 de julio de 2010



  • Name: José Ygnacio
  • Last name: De La Cruz
  • CI: 20.726.640
  • Telephone: 0424-6571467
  • Address: Santa rita street: camino Nuevo N*23
  • E-mail: joseelgalan_km@hotmail.com


  • Singer in a musical group named Kilometros


  • Easy learning, play the guitar, and sing, capacity to respect the rules and obey orders

the clothes

Hello people

now I´ll describe the clothes that I´m wearing in this picture. and clothes of my friend

in this picture I am wearing a black shirt on a white t-shirt, a blue jean, and a chain

and my friend was wearing black jeans, a purple blouse, a black vest, a chain, bracelet and a watch

My favorite room

Hi people !!

my favorite room is the studio because I have all I need: the computer, the music, the library and musical instruments


*michelle: Hi Jose

* Jose: Hi Michi, come in.

* michelle: Thanks. Hey this is a nice house.

* Jose: Yeah, and it's only one room

* michelle: oh! That's not to bad! How many rooms are there?

* Jose: There are thirteen. There is a kitchen, a dining room, two living rooms, three bathrooms, a laundry, three bedrooms, and the studio.

* michelle: Is there a garage?

* Jose: Yes, there is and also a back yard and front yard with a garden

* michelle: That's great!